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Customer-Pay Repairs

There are times when it makes more sense to pay for repairs out of pocket rather than submit a claim to insurance. The damage might be minor or it is merely a cosmetic update to an older car. Whatever the situation, we can provide you with an estimate based on your budget and preferences.

The majority of our business is collision damage repair. We will occasionally do a restoration project on a classic car or give a motorcycle a new paint job. Time and materials on custom jobs such as these can add up quickly, so keep in mind that our estimate is exactly that, an initial estimate, not a final bill. Our technicians do an excellent job of reporting any unknown damage that is outside the initial scope of the project and we always contact the customer for approval before any additional work is performed.

The topic of rust is brought to our shop frequently. Rust repair can be very expensive when it is repaired properly. Surface rust can sometimes be cleaned and painted, but rust that is coming through the panel can only be repaired by replacing the metal. Because we want to provide value and quality repairs, we typically do not perform rust repairs.

As always, all the work we perform on your vehicle is backed by our Lifetime Guaranteed Warranty. As long as you own your vehicle, we stand behind the repairs we perform.