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Insurance Repairs

An auto accident can be a huge inconvenience resulting in a lot of questions. We work with all insurance companies on a daily basis and can help walk you through the process.Listed below are the typical steps of the repair process.

An estimate from our shop or your insurance adjuster is written based on visible damage.
We will then schedule a repair date and order parts for your vehicle.
After the vehicle is dropped off, we will begin disassembly.
Once disassembled, we will check for any hidden damage.
We will document any additional damage for your insurance company.
If hidden damage is found, we will order any parts needed for the repair.
Once we receive the parts, we will complete structural and body repairs.
After all repairs are finished, the vehicle is prepped and painted.
The vehicle is then reassembled and the repair process is almost complete.
The vehicle is cleaned and inspected to ensure it has been restored to pre-loss condition.
The customer is contacted and arrangements are made for pick-up.
The repair process is complete. Payment is received and you are back on the road.
Before you stop in for an estimate, contact the insurance company that will be responsible for the claim to ensure a claim has been started. Every insurance company has their own procedures for handling estimates and repairs. It is helpful to tell your insurance company up front that you would like Van Sant Collision to complete the repairs. Multiple estimates are not required and you have the right to choose which shop you prefer to use. Some insurance companies will send an adjuster to the vehicle to write the estimate, others will advise you to have us write the estimate, so it is best to find out their requirements to save you from unnecessary running around.It is best to be as educated as possible as to what your policy does or does not cover in the event of an accident. It is advisable to check with your agent on what allowances may, or may not be made for certain part types. Some insurance companies may allow for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts in all circumstances while others may only allow for newer vehicles. It is also a good idea to check if you have rental car coverage on your policy and what the daily limit allows. If you are the claimant, the other party’s insurance is required to pay for a rental car while the repairs are being completed. We have access to Hertz rental cars and can help coordinate a car while your car is in our shop.

We understand insurance can be confusing and our goal is to make an unfortunate situation as stress-free as possible for you. Please reference our FAQ section for more common questions related to estimates, insurance and the repair process and do not hesitate to call us if you need further clarification.